Awesome feeling of Sunny Leone for family

The hot star Sunny Leone is all set to rock the Punjabi wedding party of her brother Sandeep Vohra. Sandeep is getting ready to marry his girlfriend. Sunny is very excited and her excitement seen in her words when she says, “We are planning a wedding of my brother and future Bhabhi’s choice. I believe it’s their special day and they should always remember every second of their wedding!”


She added to her talks, “I have been taking photos with my brother for many years on social media. We are very close and I love that.” She says she will do anything see him happy. “My plans for my brother are whatever his plans are in life. My brother creates his own destiny and I am behind what he wants. His dreams are mine. She also told that, “Since my parents have passed away it is my duty to make sure my brother gets everything he wants. The same goes for my future sister-in-law.”

Sunny is very happy with her hubby and told about Daniel Webber that, “We are the best friends and respect each other, and it’s really that simple.”

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