Emotional Sunny Leone from Daniel’s song

Bollywood hot star Sunny Leone and Daniel Webber proved that they are the most romantic and understanding couple. As we all know that Daniel Weber is quite the musical talent, with several singles and some music videos to his credit. He may be very busy managing Sunny’s work, but the free time he gets, he likes to devote to his music. The actress tells us that Daniel regularly practices in the mornings.


She told that, “Usually he keeps playing in the living room in the morning while I go about the household chores. Whenever he finds the time, he either sings or works on a new song. It’s nice that he has this creative side to him.”

She further added that, “A while ago he recorded a song called Sweet Surrender and it’s one of my favorites. I love the lyrics of the song. It reminds me of my parents and the love they had for each other before they passed away,” adding, “It is about surrendering everything in your life, and who you are for somebody else. It’s very sad and makes me cry every single time he sings it.”

When asked if she would feature in the song, Sunny replies with a smile, “I make movies and that (music) is his thing. But if he asks me to feature in his music video, I would never say no.”


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