Hot Valentine Plans of Sunny Leone

Bollywood hottest star Sunny Leone is all set to make her Valentine memorable with husband Daniel Webber. The couple moved to the Los Angeles and planned something special to enjoy their Valentine’s Day together. Actually this is the plan of Daniel who recently revealed during an exclusive conversation.

He told, “Here’s what we do, I am usually the gift giver and she likes to create some sort of experience. She does this for birthdays too so one year she said ‘okay fine you’re gonna buy me a gift as I don’t know what to buy you because you always buy whatever you want for yourself”


Sunny Leone is too much adventurous and likes to create experiences with her husband. Daniel also revealed that Sunny do some sort of thrills to make the day memorable.

He said that, “With me she does different things. One year we hired a race car, one year we jumped out of an airplane in parachute, one year we had a beautiful dinner. I don’t know what she will do this time but I will buy her a gift and she will give me an experience”.

Hope Sunny will do something more wild things as compare she did in some of the past valentines. Wishing both of them a great Valentine and all the Best of Luck to Daniel for some new experience.

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