Reply of Sunny Leone to Jayasurya

Recently Malayalam actor Jayasurya appreciated Sunny Leone on his Facebook post. Jayasurya had applauded the actress for her good personality with great quality. He had also said his attitude towards her had changed after he talked with her for just two minutes.


Sunny has also commented on Jayasurya’s Malayalam post, thanking him for his kind words about her. “Thank you Jayasurya for such kind words!! (sic)” reads Sunny’s comment on Jayasurya’s Facebook post.

Vijay, Shani, Shakthisri and I talked to and took a selfie with Sunny Leone. Within a couple of minutes, the idea we all had of her changed. She talked to us in a very pleasing manner, with respect, and she indeed has a good personality. If she could change our attitude towards her within seconds, I can say she is a woman of great quality,” Jayasurya had written about the actress.

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