Salman says Sunny Leone is a big star

Bollywood star Salman Khan Praise Sunny Leone about her good work and also told that her efforts are the key to her success.


“Look at the film industry. It’s an example of how people are. They don’t ask you, ‘Gotra kya hai tumhara?’ o ‘Jaat kya hai tumhara?’ Religion, caste doesn’t matter. Neither does your background. You do good work on screen and people will automatically like you. Sunny Leone came into Bigg Boss and she was loved by everyone because she was better than everyone else. Today, she is a big star in the movie business. Mumtaz was a junior artist and a dancer before she became a huge sensation. People come from all over to be in the industry. If you are good on screen, you are there. No one cares kaun ho tum,” Salman appreciated Sunny in his own words.

Apart from Salman, Shahrukh khan and Aamir Khan also supported Sunny Leone. Both the actor expressed their desire to work with her.

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