Senti Sunny Leone during Beimaan Love shooting

Sunny is currently filming for Rajeev Chaudhari’s Beiimaan Love, and we hear that during the filming of a pivotal scene, she didn’t need glycerin to help her tear up. Even the director was taken aback by Sunny’s ability to perform so naturally. When he asked how she did it, the actress reportedly said that thinking of her parents gets her emotional.


Rajeev Chaudhari was taken aback and asked her how she did it and Leone’s answer was that she remembered the loss of her parents and got lost in the scene to such an extent that she cried automatically.

There was also another instance where she cried, when she had a break up with her beau, Rajneesh Duggal, in the film. In that scene too, she was able to emote naturally without any glycerin.

Rajeev Chaudhari, the Producer, Writer and Director of ‘Beiimaan Love’ said,” Sunny Leone is unbelievably superb as an actor in the toughest role of her career in Beiimaan Love.”

‘Beiimaan Love’ will releases this year on August 5.

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