Sunny Leone abused by Hard Kaur & Rakhi Sawant

The former porn star Sunny Leone is now a successful Bollywood star, but her past career is showing some negative response from many b-town stars. However, some good hearted stars accepted her talent and showing positivity. Recently she is praised by Aamir Khan and even the ‘Dangal’ star expressed her feeling to work with Sunny Leone. But it seems that the Aamir’s desire has not been digested to Rakhi Sawant and she abused Sunny Leone.


A heart hurting comment of Rakhi was, ‘Aamir Khan Sunny Leone ko..?? Suno ek aur ek good news hai mere pass aaj – Rakhi Sawant bahut jaldi porn star banne jaane wali hai. I want to become a pornstar.”

Now again, Singer Hard Kaur was seen abusing the actress. Recently, at a media event, she said: “Agar main secretary hoti toh kitni sexy lagti, jaise chu***Sunny Leone”.

Rakhi has also made several controversial comments on Sunny. She said she would like to send Sunny back to where she came from. “We are doing Sunny Leone a favor. We are paying her for wearing clothes. I have achieved things by performing and winning people’s hearts. I did not do any porn film. Yes, I want to push Sunny Leone out of India and send her back to the place she has come from,”.

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