Sunny Leone adopted Dhoni’s words

Sunny Leone borrowed the catchword ‘whistle podu’ (blow the whistle) from Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team. The actress is using the phrase to promote Chennai Swaggers – her own cricket team – for Ekta Kapoor’s box cricket league.


“The whistle podu tradition is going to continue with Chennai Swaggers and Sunny will be distributing whistles to the crowds who come to see the game and will blow it sometimes as well. The whistle will be an important tool for promoting Chennai Swaggers. City tours are being planned to coincide with some of the matches and a music video featuring Sunny is on the cards as well. The words might feature in their team anthem as well,” a source close to Sunny told Bollywood Life.

“CSK had the whistle and it became part of the team’s identity. And since Sunny’s team is called Chennai Swaggers, she wants to use the traditional whistle-blowing forward. CSK has been suspended for two years from the IPL and they can’t use the anthem till then, but the whistle must go on,” the source further added.

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