Sunny Leone denies the slap to Journalist

The former porn star and Bollywood star Sunny Leone was in news for slapping a journalist during Holi event at Surat for asking her nonsense question. However baby doll deny the fact and told that she had not slapped to anyone during the festival event.

According to media reports published earlier in the day, the Indo-Canadian actress slapped a journalist after she was asked how much she charges for ‘night programmes considering the fact that she’s a movie star.


As per the media reports, the reporter, who was from a national news channel, asked Leone, “You were a porn star earlier, now you are a film star. So how much do you charge now?”

Following the incident, Ms. Leone reportedly called the event organizers and asked them to ensure adequate security at the venue where she was supposed to dance in the event called “Holi with Sunny Leone.”

It is also revealed that the person who was slapped was not associated with any media. The news was confirmed by a Surat based journalist.

No police complaint has been filed either by the actress or by the organizers about the incident. Meanwhile, the organizers who had invited the Bollywood star for the event went underground as the news spread in the media and particularly in the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

“The organizers had turned off their mobiles and were not reachable the whole day on Friday,” said another reporter from Surat.

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