Sunny Leone excited for MTV Splitsvilla 9

The sexy star Sunny Leone seems very excited for MTV Splitsvilla 9 in which she is going host the love show with Rannvijay Singha. Sunny feels the genre garners attention because people are interested in knowing about others’ life.

According to reports, Sunny told that, “We watch different TV shows because we find it interesting. It’s in the nature to find other people’s life interesting. We find other persons’ lives interesting, which is why reality television is so big in showbiz.”


Further she speaks that, “I think reality shows (are) somewhere showing the reality of life or a situation. Yes, people do get upset and sometimes don’t know how to control their emotions. It wouldn’t have been a multi-million dollar industry if it was just roses and flowers the whole time.”

The actress says this season will be a bit different from previous seasons. “This season is about women’s rule. This particular year we are testing out a different show model and let’s see how it works. All the the contestants on the show got a surprise when we told them this is ‘Where women rule’.”

The show will be aired on MTV India from 11th June.

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