Sunny Leone not in top searching list of porn star

sunny leone google search

Bollywood star Sunny Leone is the most searched person on internet, but in 2015 she failed to make place in the top searching list of porn stars. It seems that people accepted her as Bollywood star and ignoring her past career work.

sunny leone google search
According to the data collected by Goonj India, which is based on Google Search, Mentions on Twitter, Mentions on Popular Facebook Pages, and Mentions in Popular News websites and YouTube Search, Mia Khalifa is the most sought pornstar in India on internet. She topped the list with 73. 12 GPM (1 GPM = Estimated Reach of 100k on Digital Media). Mia Khalifa is one of the top-rated porn stars. The 22-year old porn star is no doubt the most searched hottie on the Web.

Surprisingly Sunny Leone, who successfully beat Prime Minister Narendra Modi, actor Salman Khan and other celebrities and emerged as the most searched person on Goggle, failed to feature in the list of most wanted pornstars.
We wish very good luck to Sunny Leone for her Bollywood Career and her upcoming movie Mastizaade.

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