Sunny Leone hosting Splitsvilla 9 is pre-decided

Bollywood star Sunny Leone’s hosting show MTV Splitsvilla 9 is in news for pre decided results and it has been rumored that the the finale was shot long before. According to one source, “The season just rolled out on TV. But it’s all fixed. Rannvijay’s close aides Varun Sood and Gurmeet Singh would be the finalists with Gurmeet finally emerging as the winner.”


The source also revealed that after Gurmeet and Varun participated in shows titled Roadies X2 and Squad Rann, the showrunners worked on plots and tasks in such a way that these two emerge as the winners of this year’s Splitsvilla as well.

Producer Lalit Sharma denied the rumour and told that, “All these are mere fragments of somebody’s imagination. We play by the rule and that is why we are here running the ninth season. People will talk about it and I would chose not to pay heed to such speculations. And I am happy that people are actually talking about my show.”

The last season of Splitsvilla was also allegedly rigged, and keeping true to the rumours, Prince was announced the winner in the end.

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