Sunny Leone in Inspiring new PETA ad

The hot and sizzling actress Sunny Leone appears in a new PETA ad with the caption “Be an Angel for Animals! Adopt a Dog From the Street or a Shelter”.

The controversial actor has her heart in the right place when she draws her fans’ attention to the plight of dogs waiting for loving homes in animal shelters, as well as those suffering on the street. She knows adoption, not buying, is key to fighting the worldwide crisis of animal homelessness. The stunning campaign was shot by leading photographer Gaurav Sawn, and Leone’s hair and make-up were done by Ayesha Wadiwala.


“I believe in not buying and adopting because there are so many dogs out there who need a home, which were left on the streets,” says Leone who has adopted two dogs herself. “If you can rescue an animal, then that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give somebody.

PETA and Leone also promote sterilization of companion animals. Sterilization is a routine, affordable surgery that can prevent thousands of animals from being born only to suffer and struggle to survive on the streets, be abused by cruel or neglectful people, or end up in animal shelters. Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens. Sterilizing eliminates the stress and discomfort that females endure during heat and greatly reduces the risk of developing mammary cancer. It also makes males far less likely to roam or fight.

This is not Leone’s first ad for PETA, she previously starred in PETA’s animal birth control.

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