Sunny Leone loves the Jaipur Hospitality

The hot star of Bollywood Sunny Leone recently was in Jaipur for the promotion of her upcoming movie One Night Stand. She was very happy and cheered her fans saying, Thank you for having me here. Jaipur, kaise hain aap sab?” And when someone from the crowd shouted, “Sunny, I love you,” the actress responded, “I know, guys. I love you too!”

Talking about the city, the actress said, “I love coming to Jaipur. I have been here earlier for the shooting of ‘Splitsvilla’ and ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ and have stayed in different palaces here. What I like most about this city is the hospitality. I still remember the first day when I came here for a shoot. I, along with my team, checked into the hotel and we were all very tired, when someone from the hotel staff asked, ‘Can I get you a glass of warm milk, ma’am?’ And I was like, ‘Did he just say that?’ You don’t find that kind of hospitality anywhere else in the country,” Sunny said. “I also like the traditional Rajasthani attire of both men and women here,” she added.


Talking about her upcoming film directed by Jasmine D’Souza, the actress said it revolves around two adults who are involved in a sexual relationship which lasts only one night. “In the film, a one-night stand is shown in a bad light, but personally I have nothing against it. I believe if both the individuals are single and have consented for the act, who are we to judge? Though, I have a problem with people who are in a relationship and yet get involved in a one-night stand. I’d feel betrayed if my partner does that,” she said, while adding, “The film also highlights the issue of gender equality. Why is a woman always ridiculed for having multiple affairs? Why not a man?”

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