Sunny Leone not accepted by blood family

Sunny Leone has recently confessed that her family has disowned her after watching her in an Indian reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’. Leone appeared in ‘Bigg Boss 5’ where she revealed her true identity to the world.


She told that, “My (relatives) don’t speak to me anymore. They don’t like me at all and that’s very sad. Since ‘Bigg Boss’ everybody disowned me. I put my best foot forward and I reached out to them, but they are not okay with who I am. All of India accepted me, other than my blood family. It doesn’t make any sense, right? Of course, that’s their prerogative. I know who my real family is – My husband, brother, Daniel’s parents and my friends. These are the people who stuck by me in good and bad times, unlike my blood relatives, who didn’t make one phone call. So I am happy being around people who love me for who I am.”

“His father worships his mother and he’s grown up seeing that. So, I married a compete gentleman. We also work together, help each other out, whether it is making breakfast together or doing the dishes. There is no ‘I’ or ‘me’ in our household,” she added.

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