Sunny Leone sizzles in 11 minutes with Alok Nath

The former porn star and now a much known personality of Bollywood will make you speechless in one of the Anti-Tobacco commercial with Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal. The acting of three of them is fantastic and gives a message to quit smoking. You will get to see the hot actress in Desi avatar of Haryanvi girl along with the famous TV Babuji character Alok nath and the Deepak lying to dead on the bed.


The short film, titled ’11 minutes’ is probably inspired by Paulo Coelho’s book, ‘Eleven minutes.’ However, the manner in which the 11 minutes have been meshed in the story to deliver the message is applause-worthy. The short film is directed by Vibhu Puri.

The film starts on a rather ominous note. Deepak Dobriyal is dying and his father, Alok Nath, wants to fulfill his last wish. However, the dying man’s only wish is to meet Sunny Leone. Suitably embarrassed by his son’s demand but forced by his condition, the father brings Sunny to the village for his son. But what happened at last! To know these you have to watch the whole commercial.

Sunny Leone expressed her views and told that, Smoking is bad for health. This is something very close to my heart, my father passed away from cancer, from smoking cigarettes. I want people to stop smoking, and live a happier, healthier life. Unfortunately, you can’t force anybody but you can tell people not to smoke around them. Maybe if the government, restaurant owners say that they don’t want smoke inside their buildings, then that would be the first step.”

She also says, “I’ve been lucky, my co-stars that smoke cigarettes always are very respectful and say, ‘Do you mind? If I smoke’, I tell them its fine if they go a bit far. I personally don’t like second-hand smoke; it is as deadly as smoking a cigarette.”

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