Sunny Leone to be trained by Aamir’s acting coach


The sizzling Bollywood hot star Sunny Leone is on cloud nine because much unexpected things are happening with her in the B-Town. A few months ago during one of her interview when it is asked to Sunny that what she thought that whether Aamir Khan will be ready to work with her or not, then she answered that ‘Never’. But she couldn’t believe her luck when Aamir Khan had publicly agreed to work with her. Now she is again happy and enjoying the moment as because Aamir has lent his acting coach Prakash Bharadwaj to her.

According to reports the actor now spends the better part of the day with her new teacher Bharadwaj.Talking about her hectic schedules, Sunny Leone recently revealed that she spends most of her mornings, learning lessons from her acting cum diction coach.Since Sunny is an Indian who hails from Canada, her Hindi is weak and Prakash is helping her in coping up with the same.

Bharadwaj says she is improving by the day and told that, “Now, she manages to feel the emotions in a story and cry without glycerin. She also has a comedy film with Manish Paul. Her sense of humor is wicked and on screen, it looks even better now. She has always been bright, but is now able to find confidence in her craft.She understands the language well, but was not comfortable speaking it. I insisted that she included more Hindi in her daily conversations. Her homework includes writing her thoughts down in Hindi. She makes fewer grammatical mistakes now.”

Prakash Bharadwaj gushes about the sincerity and dedication of Sunny which makes it lot easier for him to help her overcome her weakness. Revealing on the aspects that the actress has to work on, Prakash revealed that Sunny isn’t a fan of emotional scenes which makes it difficult for her to understand sequences belonging to that genre. Maintaining that he is a teacher who trains each individual based on their talent and projects, Prakash decided to help Sunny Leone after she approached him with scripts explaining the hindrances she often faces.

Bharadwaj has been working with Aamir since his 2006 film ‘Rang De Basanti’ and proudly claims to be the reason behind his impeccable Haryanvi accent in ‘Dangal’, which hits screens next month. “I have worked with Katrina Kaif, PreityZinta and a lot of other actors. I come from a theatre background. For me, it doesn’t matter where a student comes from. I am a pakka teacher who trains each student depending on his/her flaws. I don’t follow a particular formula, but work according to each individual’s talent and projects,” he says.



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