Sunny Leone wants to reborn as Sunny Leone


The former porn star and a successful Bollywood star Sunny Leone is again in news with her comments on herself. She said that she loves her life and in next birth also she wants to be as Sunny Leone. The Mastizaade star told that, Yes, I would love to be reborn as Sunny Leone. I love my life.


She has no regrets about her past adult film association. She also said that people misunderstood her so much. In her words, “That definitely is the case. If anybody took five minutes to actually get to know me, they would realize that I wasn’t what they thought I was initially.”

While Sunny’s life looks interesting to the outside world, the actress doesn’t feel there is anything exciting about herself. She however is open to the idea of a biopic being made on her. “It’s definitely something that I would be open to. I don’t find my life that interesting. But maybe people might. I know that there certain things in my life that might seem interesting to people.

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