Sunny Leone wish to swim with Shark

We all know that Sunny Leone is so adventurous and like bungee jumping and sky diving. Now Sunny has a new wish to swim with shark one day in her life. Apart from that, Sunny also wants to spend some time in a ashram as she loves silence.


Sunny said that, “I would like to swim with the sharks. That’s on my bucket list. Real, gray sharks. I should be in a cage though so that it doesn’t end up eating me.”

She added to her talks, “I would also like to go to one of those ashrams where you don’t speak for a week-and-a-half or two. I love silence. If I were to go to a place like that, it will help me understand myself.”

Sunny shared her feelings on the episode of Yaar mera Superstar, while promoting her upcoming movie One night Stand. The movie is going to be release on the coming Friday.

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