Sunny Leone wrote erotic short stories book

The most sizzling actress sunny Leone now became a writer and has written a book titled ‘Sweet Dreams’, which includes 12 short stories. She also told that writing was not on her mind but she did have certain ideas, which went unrecorded.


She told to PTI that, “Writing wasn’t on my mind. I thought about different stories and ideas throughout the years but nothing really that I wrote down. This is the first time I have written something like this. When I was younger I had a diary, my mother read it, and that was the end of the diary,”

She added, “Juggernaut came to me and proposed the idea of 12 short stories in this genre. It was a personal challenge for me to able to do it. I took about three months to write those. The story, ‘7 E’, was the most difficult because that was the first one. So it took me time to figure out the writing style… Sometimes we had to get straight to the point because it is a short story. That was challenging because you don’t want to move forward so abruptly that a reader loses track.”

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