What sunny Leone thinks about One Night Stand!

Sunny Leone is very excited with her upcoming movie One Night Stand and busy in the promotion of the movie. She shared her thoughts for One Night Stand and said that “The shooting experience was definitely not the usual for me. This wasn’t an easy film to act in, because I didn’t relate to my character. I had a lot of discussions with director Jasmine D’souza, which helped me shape my character better than the way I had in mind. I believe Jasmine has managed to bring out one of my best performances till date.”


She added to her thoughts, “In real life, whether a person is OK with having a one-night stand or not is totally a personal choice. Whether it is wrong or right depends on the people involved. But in this movie, it is a mistake for the lead actors to have indulged in it. In the film, the physical act causes emotional turmoil not only for the two involved, but for everyone around them.”

Sunny marked her relationship and said that, “I don’t have that relationship in which I feel that everything has changed after I got married. My marriage is truly a fairytale story in the sense that things are pretty much the same, and we are still madly in love with each other. Do we have issues? Yes, just like everyone else. Do we argue and bicker? Of course we do! But that doesn’t mean we love each other any less. I’m lucky I married my best friend.”

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